Making timesheets more effortless for users and meaningful for managers.


In order to solve the problem of tracking time in our own company we explored the variety of options out there and found that most time tracking software is expensive, bloated and designed for robots. Surely filling in timesheets shouldn’t be taking up more time than actual work? And so we thought:

How could we get people to intuitively enter their time without having to stop what they’re doing?

We solved our own problem by creating a really easy way of tracking time and integrating with something we loved and used everyday – Slack.

Just finished a task and need to update the team? Log your time on Slack in the channel you’re on. Done! 💥

We’re pretty proud of the fact that we’ve launched the beta version of Done – officially bringing powerful (and easy) time tracking to Slack. Check it out, be part of the beta testers and help us make it even better.

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