Photographic filters made with CSS, inspired by VSCO and CSSgram.


An idea can manifest in your mind at any and when that idea sparks, sometimes you need to stop what you’re doing and start making it right that very second – firstly to see if it really is a good idea and something you can actually do, and secondly before you lose the drive to do it. That is exactly how CSSCO was born.

CSSCO is a library of photographic filters made with CSS, inspired by VSCO and CSSgram. It was made for designers and is a tool for adding VSCO-like filters to photographs using code.

Instead of having to use external photo editing tools like Photoshop or VSCO, you can grade your photographs in the browser.

Check out CSSCO to see how the product works and if you’re a designer or photographer, try it out and let us know what you think. We’re planning on adding more filters to the pack but we’re also a fan of collaboration so if you’re interested in contributing, send a pull request!

We are extremely proud of how well this product was received by web designers all over the world. We were lucky enough to get CSSCO featured on Product Hunt, allowing it to reach many of the popular web design blogs, and hundreds of influential people on Twitter.

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