The Mandate Tool

Helping Rawson agents create beautiful sole mandate proposals for clients.

Rawson Properties

The brief

Rawson Properties have an ongoing challenge to ensure a high level of service and professionalism that has differentiated them in the industry. During a discovery session with them we surfaced an opportunity to create a tool that would enable Rawson agents to create more consistent and beautiful mandate proposals, helping them to successfully obtain more sole mandates that convert into sales.

Time is money

It was taking agents hours to create proposals, and the inconsistencies in quality from agent to agent were massive. Our challenge was to create a tool that could ensure a high quality proposal could be produced in a shorter space of time, ultimately serving both the client and the agent.

The tool would also need to be easy to use, a key objective being that even the newest of agents could create a professional looking proposal, quickly and easily.

Saving time with data

One of the key components in a mandate proposal is the data – property trends in an area, Google Maps locations, agent details and profiles, the list goes on. A key challenge was getting access to these various data sources, and deciding at what points in the user journey they would need to be accessed.

The end result is simple: agents type in an address using the Google Maps API, choose the correct corresponding record and presto, all the relevant data gets pulled through to the rest of the proposal.

Combined with a well designed stepped process we were able to reduce the average time it took to create the ideal proposal from 4 hours to 16 minutes.

Wow! Well done on the work that has gone into the tool in the last week. It’s looking great! All in all – the tool really looks amazing. I’m so stoked!

Jean-Mare, Business Development Manager at Rawson

Launch. Learn. Iterate.

We launched the first version of the tool in May 2016 with 20 top agents who wanted to be a part of the beta testing phase. A key challenge with launching a tool that fundamentally changes an existing process is getting people excited about it. We created a teaser video in order to get agents on board as beta testers.

After validating that it was actually adding the right value to the business we opened it up to the rest of the company. Since then we have been improving and updating features as the concerns and requests are raised by the users. We will keep doing this until they are happy that the product is doing what it should – because ultimately, we want them to love it.

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