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Rawson Properties

The challenge

The Rawson website is in need of a redesign in order to evolve and improve with the existing landscape. A few years ago we built an API for Rawson in order to make property and agent-related information more accessible within the business. We also designed and built a responsive website on top of that. Since then this structure has become outdated and over-complicated, providing us with the opportunity to evolve both the structure and design into something more sustainable and fresh.

Creating sustainability

We surfaced 3 main issues with the current website:

  1. The API structure was messy, over-complicated and needed an overhaul in order to rebuild something more sustainable on top.
  2. The design was not created using a style guide, therefore new features and updates to the website were inconsistent, messy and took a lot more time than necessary.
  3. The design style and user experience were outdated and needed a fresh approach in order to compete with modern standards.

Working together

With these issues in mind, our team of back-end developers, front-end developers and designers have been able to work simultaneously, allowing for more collaboration internally and a like-minded goal for achieving the success both the client and us would like to see from the launch of the new website. Watch this space!

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