Primedia Broadcasting

Our “create once, publish everywhere” solution to Primedia’s content problem.

Primedia Broadcasting

The problem

In 2013, Primedia Broadcasting approached us with a problem they were facing internally – their online and radio properties had separate content management systems, and so when a journalist, editor or producer was creating or accessing content they were forced to use separate tools. This was a frustrating task when much of this content was the same for many of their online applications. They wanted us to envision a tool that could COPE – a Create Once Publish Everywhere solution.

I want a new radio or content producer, on day one, to be able to benefit from our 30+ years of talk radio experience.

Karl Gostner, MD Primedia Broadcasting

702 and CapeTalk’s websites were the first applications to use our product. Since then, more and more of their platforms have successfully migrated away from proprietary systems and an increasing amount of new tools and integrations have been added. Not only are they now saving on licensing fees, they are also using fewer servers.

Compared to our old CMS, this is rainbows and unicorns.

EWN Application Architect

Evolving with the times

Recently the need for a live article solution landed in our laps and with that we were able to evolve the CMS to include this feature. A few of the key challenges included catering for multiple editors at one time, real-time posting of content and separating the content creation process from the publishing process. Iterating on the design and user experience of the CMS enabled us to create a more focused, user-friendly solution.

Successfully delivering on a long term plan

In October 2016 Primedia Broadcasting’s largest platform, Eyewitness News, made the switch and no longer runs on proprietary software. Delivering on this long term plan has been an incredibly rewarding journey for us. API’s that we envisioned together years ago are now at the heart of the business — running everything from print outs for radio to massive news platforms.

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