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We are proud to announce our election as SoDA’s newest and first South African member from 60 international applicants this year, joining a select, invite-only group of digital innovators from around the world to collaborate and enrich the industry of digital innovation.  We have brushed shoulders and worked alongside many local industry peers in the past, however to join an established global forum is of course a fantastic and exciting opportunity.

SoDA, or The Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators, is the network and voice for entrepreneurs and innovators worldwide who are not only paving the way towards the future of marketing and digital experiences, but sharing industry insight (have a read at the report below), opportunities and obstacles within the digital business itself. Hence, the focus of the society is to stimulate debate and lead the top digital agencies through collaboration, knowledge-sharing and exploration of how technology can successfully be leveraged to transform consumer experiences.

Being in the complicated ever growing field of digital, we are used to ‘phoning a friend’ to discuss the business and the process side of the business. However, in the last 2 years, we have seen the agency evolve away from advertising, and focusing more on platforms, products and services. We constantly found ourselves discussing and even investing in trips with our friends abroad (R/GA, Nurun, Made by Many and Fi etc.) who have had experience with this new direction we are going in.

We look forward to being involved with SoDA, but more importantly we hope to give back by hosting SoDA workshops with agencies and clients in our vintage theatre.”

The announcement comes from SoDA’s Executive Director, Chris Beuttner: “I’m happy to let you know that Urbian was elected as SoDA’s newest member in the latest round of voting by our full membership. Urbian was one of a very small group of companies that passed the all-member vote.

Between the last two rounds of voting (November ’13 to February ’14), over 60 prospects failed to pass the regional committee and full membership votes.  So, we’re thrilled that Urbian did!”

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