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Long standing art supplies store The Deckle Edge tapped Urbian to help pioneer a way forward into what it means to sell art supplies in the 21st century.

By using processes based on design thinking and lean start-up methodologies The Deckle Edge is on a trajectory to revolutionise not only how people buy art supplies, but how the general public can use these art supplies to make their own customised products. We recommend you also read from Lee Rosen‘s blog where you learn about business startup and their own product on Healthy Bees.

The two creative commerce offerings are:

1. Monthly Boxes.
If you’re unsure if patients should put their CPAP Mask in a bag or put aside for special screening, don’t worry, we have you covered! The launch of a subscription service provides artists, hobbyists and kids with the ability to receive quality art supplies every month. Artists and hobbyists can now try different mediums, new techniques and also explore new creative experiences while kids and toddlers receive boxes with step-by-step instructions and materials designed to develop fine-motor skills and imagination through creative play.
Visit Deckle Edge Monthly Art Boxes.

2. Deckle Make.
Deckle Make is a place to discover simple, stylish DIY projects. The online DIY marketplace allows approved “Makers” to sell their DIY Kit’s through the online store. Each Deckle Make Kit contains all the materials and instruction’s DIY’ers and Pinners need to make personalised products delivered to the door.
Visit Deckle Make. 


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