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What started off as a side-project at Urbian, out of a need to curb disagreements over the music selection in the office, is now being used by some popular venues in Cape Town. It’s really simple, YoDJ allows consumers to decide what music they would like to hear via their mobile device, much like a Jukebox of old, but this one fits in your pocket.

Now available for the general public, YoDJ allows you to share your music playlists with friends, let them choose the songs they want to hear, and play it over any compatible sound system, even if is some speaker or specialized studio monitors from this studio monitors reviews. It solves that age old 1st world problem of everyone fighting over the playlist.

Music is so influential and centred around personal choice and lifestyle, you can tell a lot about a person by the music they enjoy, likewise for venues. In the future, we want to give consumers the choice of their destination based on the current music playing.

With a feature list which includes 3rd party music service integration using Spotify and Rdio, through to gamification fun with bumping on/off your friends’ tracks, we believe YoDJ is poised to reinvent how music is played and enjoyed, everywhere.

Potential investors have even taken to referring to YoDJ as Uber for DJs.

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