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Recently, we were chosen as a preferred company to host interns who had completed their course at iExperience. iExperience is an intense 8 week, full-time summer program for students abroad. It’s like coding Boot Camp.


Hi, I’m a rising senior at Georgetown University based in Washington D.C. I grew up in the D.C. metropolitan area all of my life and love the area for its history, culture, and natural beauty which are reasons why I also enjoy Cape Town a lot! I am double majoring in Marketing and Finance in the business school but have several other areas of interest such as Biology and Computer Science. At school, I serve on the Chief Information Officer’s Student Technology Advisory Board. We alpha test information systems and apps before deploying new technology to students on campus. As a Marketing major I was drawn to Urbian’s strategy work and use of data, research, and evaluation to create products and designs tailored to its clients’ needs, similar to what is done by tom johnston company in their seo agency. I am interested in learning about all stages of the strategy and design process and hope to work on a project with a client that will have real measurable impact. If you are interested, click here to learn more.

This won’t be my first experience working with a start-up since I worked with a German venture in Southeast Asia last summer. I’m excited to work in another fast-paced and challenging environment where I hope to learn more about digital innovation as well as meet inspiring mentors!


I’m a rising junior at Harvard studying Computer Science and Psychology. When I’m not at school in Boston, I live in Montana and I love country swing dancing! I also really like kids and teaching and spent the last summer in Costa Rica teaching English. I currently serve as Harvard Women in Computer Science’s Education Chair, so I’m in charge of a program that teaches elementary-aged girls to code, which is very fun! I absolutely love psychology, so what drew me to Urbian was the focus on user experience. I’m very into UX, UI and all kinds of design. I’m more of a front-end person, so hopefully I’ll get to do some of that during the next four weeks. Cannot wait to learn more about how the Urbian creative team works and learn about the day-to-day life in a tech company!


What is one word to describe how you felt about your last four weeks at Urbian? Why?

Michael: Stimulating. Working at Urbian has been one of the most stimulating work experiences I have ever had. After having learned how to program in just four weeks, I was challenged to build a rails application from day one. However, building an app requires much more work than just programming. Over those four weeks, I also learned how to edit photos in Photoshop, create logos in Illustrator, wireframe, and strategically design the application from conception to end. I was able to develop my knowledge and skills in UX design, digital design, and programming. My work with Urbian challenged me and I could not be more satisfied with how much I have learned from my time with Urbian.


After many late nights and hard work, they finally showcased their project:



Joining us for our weekly “Food Fridays” on the balcony overlooking long street:
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What were you able to accomplish there?

Michael: Sarah and I worked together to build a social digital app for Urbian’s #duckymissions initiative. We were presented the idea of a physical/digital campaign that would bring people together around the world. Sarah and I hashed out the concept, planned the designs, and created our vision of the campaign through ruby on rails. In my opinion, we did much more than just build an app, we were able to create long lasting friendships with mentors at the firm, practice our newfound programming skills, and hone our creative and analytical abilities.


What was the most interesting thing you learned?

Sarah: I loved learning how to create project from conception to completion by going through the creative process of wireframing, mockups, and prototyping. Lise-Marié, the UX Designer, gave us an in-depth tutorial on Axure, Illustrator, Photoshop, and her own designing tips and tricks. I could definitely see myself doing something like that as a career.


From Urbian:
Gary (Managing Partner): We were thrilled and honoured to have Michael and Sarah with us. They proved that it doesn’t matter how inferior your skills are are. If you are determined, in the right environment and with the right team you can accomplish anything!

We’re looking forward to hosting bright interns in the future, so if you wish to apply, go here:


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