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Urbian is proud to be working with Babylonstoren, one of the countries most well known farms that boasts an immaculate garden, winery, farm hotel, spa and restaurant. They are also collaborating with country’s top printing company, ExposeYourselfUSA. You can find miami high quality printing services using the internet. In addition, visit omegapos for more.

Urbian’s Managing Partner, Anton Moulder, says:

“We are elated with the appointment. Koos Bekker and his team have built something truly special in Babylonstoren and have achieved considerable success with the farm through the years. We can’t wait to add to Babylonstoren’s success by giving the opportunity for people across the world to bring something of Babylonstoren to their home through more than just selling product online, but looking at the entire customer experience from click to door and even what comes after.”

Urbian has been tasked with the strategy, experience design and development involved in making all of Babylonstoren’s artisanal product’s, made on the farm in the Western Cape, available to the world. Babylonstoren is known for it’s simple, clean and uncompromisingly fresh vision to life and food with a warm personal customer service experience that has garnered a loyal following by delivering a complete and fulfilling product sealed with the best machine that you can see here The challenge is to take this customer service experience online, Babylonstoren and Urbian have partnered on a journey to transform the way in which we buy artisanal products online set to launch early in 2015. On other news, checkout m88 for online casino services.


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