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Long story short, we focus our efforts into 3 areas. We work with companies, invest in joint venture partnerships and launch our own products.

Our partnerships with companies involves us helping them identify market opportunities, bring successful digital products and new ventures to life and create the culture & capabilities to sustain them. We believe that well implemented solutions have an inherent potential to deliver 10x results. The current industries we are working in are health, eCommerce, retail and tourism.

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Urbian’s approach to managing the risk that comes with innovation is what we needed to disrupt the saturated smartphone market in SA at the time. They helped us reach a sales target 10 times that which we had forecasted.

Ulanova Visser Executive Head Consumer Sales & Marketing at Vodacom
Previously: Marketing Director: Africa, Blackberry

Our venture work sees us partner with entrepreneurs in industries ripe for disruption as well as the venture capital community. Contributing our experience in creating and launching digital products and services, with skin in the game, we help start new companies or pivot existing ones with our full capabilities.

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Urbian’s out-the-box thinking helped us reach a saturated fatigued market by creating a platform that consumers truly want to be a part of.

Founder and CEO of Met-S Care, Keith Elliott

Our own product work is where we take our full capability and release our very own products into the market. We put a large percentage of our profits into these initiatives so we can continue to innovate, learn, create opportunities and share rewards for all involved.

Who knows, we might be great together.

Everyone that works here has a desire to create user experiences that people fall in love with. Being great at what you do is the cost of entry at Urbian, what gets people hired is the fit. We tend to find that when talented people fit well together, great work is the result and fun is had in the process.

The following positions are available:

You are a really smart person, and are keen to get some experience on the ground with some of our veterans.

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You love design that is useable, intuitive and intelligent.

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